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Cast iron fire pit-Reviews of Best Sellers

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What is a Cast Iron and why it’s used for fire pit

Cast Iron is an alloy or mixture of Iron, 2% carbon and small percentages of manganese and Silicone. Cast Iron fire pit is therefore made by mixtures of these metals. Cast Iron is made by smelting Iron ore, metals mentioned above, and the hot mixture is emptied into molds that are allowed to cool and solidify.

The result is strong and brittle metal that cannot be bent easily.

Examples of a Cast Iron Fire pit

 1. Catalina Creations Heavy Duty Cast Iron Fire Pit with Cover and Accessories, 29″

Cast iron Firepit-Catalina

-We picked some of the best cast Iron fire pits. One of them is Catalina creations heavy duty. It’s rated well on Amazon; check the link below to confirm. It is a wood-burning firepit that will turn your back yard into a good retreat.

-It has a deep, designed cast iron fire bowl. The design is moon & stars cut out.

-Its deep bowl can accommodate large fires.

-Catalina creations cast iron fire bowl comes with a cover to protect it when not in use.

-This fire pit has a screen lifting tool

-It comes with a removable mesh screen to take care of flying embers.

-Its log grate facilitates airflow needed for wood burning

-has a weight of 60 pounds

Click to Check Price & more Reviews on Amazon

2. Esschert Design BV11 Low Profile Firepit with Grate

Esschert cast iron firepit

This is our second choice on the best cast iron fire pits because of its additional features; it is well made and sturdy.

Features of this Cast Iron Fire pit

-It’s a product of Esschert Design USA.

-This cast iron fire pit has a versatile barbecue grill, so you will not be required to purchase additional appliances for that.

-It is made of black cast iron.

-Can be used for grill or fire pot.

-Has air ventilation needed to burn wood

– Esschert cast iron firepit has 22 inch diameter and 12.6 heights

Whether it is used as a fire pot or for grill, it will serve the purpose intended or you can use both at the same time. You can cook or barbecue for your family or friends then remove the grate afterwards so the fire can warm the air around you.  

Its air ventilation will ensure that the wood will burn smoothly with no much smoke. Lastly, its small size makes it portable to whichever place of your backyard you want it to be.

Check Price on Amazon

Please Note:

One thing we noticed when we received this cast iron fire pit is that it weighs 53 pounds so be prepared to receive a heavy item.

When not in use, cover it to keep it out of rain so it lasts for a life time. Clean it regularly to remove ash that can easily aid in corroding of the fire pit.

Be safe; when using any fire pit, don’t use it when it’s windy or near low hanging tree branches.


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