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Ariel Platinum dz972f8 steam shower-Reviews, buyer’s Guide and Pros

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Ariel Platinum dz972f8 steam shower has gained a lot of reputation as a home spa treat.

There are reasons why people are becoming more interested in installing this steam shower.  It is easy to use and its health benefits are many hence i give it [star rating=”5″]

Ariel platinum dz972f8 steam shower review

Main Features

Features computer control panel with timer

-It is a steam shower by Ariel

-its dimension is 59 by 32 by 87.4 inches free standing

-It features a teak wooden floorboard

Ariel platinum dz972f8 is a self-contained steam shower

It features a 6kw steam generator

Has dual 8 inches rainfall shower head

-Contains a ventilation fan

-Contains 20 body massage jets

-Has 2 stools

-It comes with a handheld shower

-Fm radio is included

– Scents can be added and features chromatherapy lighting

Where to Buy Ariel platinum dz972f8 steam shower

You can get this steam shower online. There is a huge collection to choose from and at an affordable price.

They add value to home owners while saving the costs and time of visiting a spa. Platinum dz972f8 steam shower is a self contained unit and with small space than a steam room. This means that it is easy to maintain it.

Have the ultimate showering experience with Ariel platinum dz972f8.You will be able to shower while listening to music, and enhance mental and physical well being with the calming scents of the aromatherapy system.

Create a therapeutic experience with Ariel steam shower’s 20 acupressure massage jets. It is a unit for 2 people and comes with wooden stools that are removable.

Ariel steam shower Buying Guide

Our goal is to bring bathing products that will add value to your home and heighten your bathing enjoyment.

Our steam and sauna experts know that it is not difficult to get a luxurious steam bath at home when you install this Ariel steam shower.

Picture this: you are tired after a long day of work. You enter into your Ariel Platinum dz972f8 steam shower, put it on and melt into a soothing cloud of steam on a bench.  You emerge later feeling relaxed and renewed.

This kind of relaxation used to be found only in a spa. Many home owners now are installing steam showers to have the same experience at home.

How does Ariel Platinum dz972f8 steam shower work?

The design of Ariel steam shower is straightforward. You simply push a button in the computer control panel for steam to come out. This steam shower features a 6kw steam generator which needs to be connected to your home’s plumbing.

Pushing a button in the computer panel activates its generator to be filled with cold water and to heat water. Steam is then generated from the boiling water which is channeled through Ariel platinum dz972f8 steam shower system.

It emerges through the steam head and fills the bathroom with lavish steam. Using the digital control of the Ariel platinum dz972f8, you only need to set the requirements and the 6kw steam generator will heat the cold water to produce steam.

For those worried with slipping and falling in the bathroom, this Ariel steam shower features teak wooden floorboard which is safe for user. The digital control of this steam shower makes it easy to operate like adjusting temperature controls and length of time.

Ariel dz972f8 extra Features

Some steam showers like Ariel Platinum dz972f8 comes with extra features like fm radio to allow its user to listen to music while relaxing. The manufacturers nowadays have focused on the home spa market offering a complete steam shower unit like this capable of soothing ached muscles.

This Ariel steam shower has the ability to add a variety of scents to it plus features mood lighting.

Pros of Ariel platinum dz972f8

There is nothing refreshing and relaxing than stepping into a steam shower after a tough day at work. You don’t get that indulgence by visiting an expensive spa only; Ariel steam shower is capable of giving the same feeling in your own home.

Health Benefits

Ariel platinum dz972f8 steam shower health benefits are many. 20 minutes of steam per day is enough    to improve your skin’s tone and clarity. Steam opens blocked pores hence increasing perspiration. It gets rid of bacteria, dirt and dead skin cells during a steam bath.

The heat of a steam shower is soothing and that’s why many athletes and people tired from work head straight to the steam shower after a workout or hard day at work. A steam shower is capable of soothing tired and ached muscles. The 20 acupressure massage jets of this steam shower further relaxes tired muscles.

Heat has been proved to increase blood circulation. This is the main reason why massage products have heat feature to enhance their massage and increase blood circulation of the user. The Ariel platinum dz972f8 steam shower heat is capable of improving blood circulation which in turn improves the functioning of the human body.

Blocked Sinuses Relief

If you suffer from sinus congestion regularly, you definitely need this Ariel steam shower. Steam has been proved to open up blocked sinuses offering relief.

Stress Relief

Steam showers are so relaxing. The steam generated can melt away any tension and stress from work. Taking a steam bath from Ariel steam shower before going to bed can help you sleep better.

Wrapping Up

Shower while listening to music with this Ariel Platinum dz972f8 steam shower. It is fully contained; with 6kw steam generator, shower head, hand held shower, teak wooden floorboard, self-contained and 2 stools.

You can infuse calming scents in this steam shower. 20 acupressure massage jets further increases the value of this steam shower by relaxing tired muscles. This steam shower combines the benefits of a shower and steam. Instead of visiting an expensive spa, have 1 installed in your home.

They are easy to operate and consume less water.  Apart from health benefits like improving blood circulation and skin, steam showers are instant.

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