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7 Frequently asked questions about Trouser Press

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What are the factors to consider when buying the Best Pant Press?

trouser press

A nicely pressed pair of pants gives you a sharp look. You will need to wear non-wrinkled clothes at a church service, a job interview, at a party or a formal event.

 If you are considering to buy a pant press machine, there are important features to look for. I have enlisted the assistance of some tailors to help with this guide.

 I have also given a detailed review of the best pant press which can be found here.

Wide pressing surface to offer a larger surface area to quickly press your trousers, slacks and other clothes.

Budget. Buy a pant press machine that you can afford.

Safety is an important feature to the user and clothes. Choose a trouser press that have a shut-off feature to avoid burning your clothes.

2. What are the main features of a pant press?

Also called a trouser press, a pant press has features that make it easy to give pants a professional look.

-The best pant press such as Corby executive trouser press has an extra-wide pressing surface to flatten wrinkles and keep creases sharp.

-It is designed with LED countdown display and push-button timers

-It is perfect for pressing pants, slacks, dresses, shirts, etc.

-It will save you the hassle of using cumbersome irons

-It is designed with a safety feature of shutting down after completing a cycle

-You can choose between 15 min, 30 and 45 minutes pressing cycles

-It is portable and lightweight hence can be used in any room. It can be used in a home, dry cleaner or luxurious hotel.

-Some come with a storage shelf

-It is safe for wool, nylon, linen, silk, and rayon fabrics

-Has a beautiful finish that can complement any décor

-Comes with a holding compartment for keys

-Features a mountable design as well as a free-standing design

-Comes with an attached jacket hanger

3. Where can I buy a Corby trouser press?

You can buy a trouser press at a local store or online. There are many trusted online stores that sells household appliances. They ship free, have fast delivery and great price.

There are advantages with this kind of shopping. With online shopping, you get better prices. It will come directly to you from the manufacturer without involving the middlemen who hike the prices.

You will save your gas money and headache of visiting the physical store to buy the product.

4. What is the Origin of a Corby Trouser Press?

John Corby is the manufacturer of Corby trouser presses. He established the company, John Corby Limited in 1930.  It is worth noting that the company was founded in England but later was relocated to Hampshire in 1986.

In 1960s, the Corby trouser press was highly regarded by middle classes in Britain for its excellent work of removing wrinkles.

5. Is it worth to invest in a Trouser press?

This is a household appliance worth of investing in. It will flatten wrinkles without dealing with the hassle of an iron. This machines makes pressing clothes easier. Unlike with an iron box, you do not need an ironing board.

It is faster with a trouser press. The extra-wide pressing surface of a trouser press makes it quick and easy to remove wrinkles unlike with an iron box.

6. What is the best pant press?

The best pant press is Corby 7700 trouser press.  The model 7700 has positive reviews online from customers who have used it.

Ironing clothes can be a real pain. It is time consuming and takes a lot of effort just to iron 1 trouser. Let this machine do the hard work for you. It is a fantastic time saving house hold appliance. It can be wall mounted or free standing.

Although trouser presses are mostly found in hotel rooms, you can buy one for home use. It is ideal for people who have a lot of trousers, business men who loves looking smart all the time and anybody who want to save time ironing their clothes.

Although they are famously known for pressing trousers, they can also press other clothes. It’s just that their design is more suited for trousers.

It has various heat settings to choose from depending on the fabric of your clothes. It comes with a warranty.

It is not huge hence easy to store. It comes with accessories such as jacket hanger. It is easy to use and has a nice finish that can complement any décor.

7. Are there other Corby Trouser press models to choose from?

Yes, there are other models of Corby Trouser press to choose from. They include Corby Trouser Press 3300, Corby Trouser Press 4400, Corby Trouser Press Executive and Corby Trouser Press 7700.

Corby 3300 Black Ash Trouser Press

Corby Trouser Press 3300 is available in various colors.

It is also wall mounted or free standing. Has 30 minute timer setting and features a thermostat. Other accessories of this model include a coat hanger, fitting kit and coat hanger bracket.

The Corby 4400

Corby Trouser Press 4400also followsthe long tradition of Corby products being high-quality. It is designed with 15 and 30 minute press settings.

It also features manual cancel option, automatic shut off and a thermostat. You will also get accessories with this model such as hanger, coin tray and wall mounting fixtures.

Corby Executive Black Trouser Press, High Gloss Finish

It comes with 3 press timer settings, 15, 30 and 45 minutes. It is black in color, features an LED countdown display and thermostatic temperature control. It also comes with accessories such as fitting kit, coat hanger and coat hanger bracket.



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