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Fire Ring- Read this Complete Guide before Buying

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Fire rings are moveable outdoor devices that are used to hold fire safely in one spot.

a fire ring

One of the best-enjoying camping moments is sitting around a crackling fire, staring into it or roasting marshmallows. The same experience can be created at your backyard with your fire ring.

What is a Fire ring?

A fire ring is a device or custom construction designed to contain fires. This prevents them from spreading.

They are simple structures, unlike firepits which have bottom etc. Fire rings are simply circles made from stone, metal like steel or concrete and are used to contain fire built from the ground.

You can choose to bury your fire ring partially in the ground or just place it on top of it.

Manufactured ones come with grill option for cooking or barbecuing. Many people prefer this one’s because an outdoor gathering with no activity makes it a boring place.

Manufactured Fire rings verse makeshift Fire rings

Those who prefer to make their own fire rings can use either stones or concrete. These are immovable.

The manufactured fire rings are more advantageous than makeshifts one. Manufactured ones tend to be more durable, unlike concrete or stone fire rings which tend to break easily.

Manufactured fire rings completely surround the fire, unlike makeshift fire rings which could be constructed not to cover the whole fire.

How to prepare your lawn for a firering-fire ring on grass

Having a manufactured fire ring is the simplest option than having a permanent installation or a makeshift one. Either way, you need some preparations to protect your outdoor space from the fierce heat of a fire.

1.      Rake the place you choose to place your fire ring to remove dead grass and other materials that can catch fire easily.

2.      If your patio or outdoor space has grass, you can lay some blocks on it to protect it from the heat of a fire.

3.      Place your fire ring at a distance of 10 feet from any structure.

4.      Don’t place your filtering on a covered porch

5.      Never leave it unattended or using it when it’s too windy.

6.      You can buy a spark screen to contain embers of your fire.

7.      Have a fire extinguisher nearby in case of a flame lands outside the filtering.

8.      Make sure the spot you chose to place your fire ring has no tree branches hanging around it.

9.      You can check with your local authorities on laws regarding fire pits or fire rings on outdoor space.

10.  Lastly, be cleaning your fire ring regularly from ash so as to prolong its life.

Examples of Fire rings

  1. Sunnydaze fire Ring

sunnydaze fire ring

Sunnydaze fire ring is a product of Sunnydaze DÉCOR, a manufacturer of home & garden products. It is a 36-inch diameter, 9-inch tall campfire ring. It is made with the thick sturdy steel of 0.6 mm to make it durable and black paint finish for heat resistance.

It is delivered in 4 pieces which can be assembled with no difficulties and it is portable from one place to the other.

It has beautiful designed air holes of crescent moons and stars. This makes it stylish and at the same time providing the air needed to burn wood thus emitting less smoke to the environment.

This fire ring is designed to bring warmth and ambiance at your outdoor space for your friend and family.

2. Fire ring with grill-by Catarina creations

Main Features 

fire pit ring with grill

This is a heavy duty fire ring with grill or cooking grate. It’s a heavy duty firepit ring because the thickness is triple the fire rings of its competitors. This makes it durable and weatherproof.

Benefits of Catarina fire ring with grill

It has a 25” grill grate that is adjustable, no need to buy extra appliances since you can use this to cook or grill.

It will serve its purpose of containing fire thus providing heat and light to the environment.

Point to note: It will be delivered unassembled but the good news is that Catalina creations promise easy assembly. Click the below link to read what other customers had to say about this Catarina fire pit ring.

Being a heavy duty fire pit ring, it is better to use it as permanent or semi-permanent but not as a portable fire ring.

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