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Firepits-Buying Guide and Comparisons


If your kitchen is the heart of your home, then definitely your firepit is the heart of your backyard. Firepits being at the center of people’s backyard, it is where family and friends come together to make simple meals, barbecue, eat, drink and socialize during summer.

The outdoor space would look boring if it would lack a fire pit and that’s why we have dedicated our time to research for you the top rated and best sellers firepits for your money that are going to last.

Selecting the best outdoor firepit, like the durable cast iron firepits reviewed here,  can be challenging and that’s why it is important to put in some considerations before purchasing one. Do you want a fixed firepit or portable firepit? You want a wood-burning firepit or gas fueled fire pit?

Uses of firepits

A fire pit provides the warmth needed during winter. It sparks discussion, creativity and ignites passions. Imagine sitting on your backyard in a circle without a fire, it is boring, right? Anyone would lose interest. A fire pit makes use of a backyard, it also facilitates gathering for friends and family to talk, socialize and roast marshmallow or make popcorns.

Factors to Consider when selecting a fire pit

Before you buy any firepit, check and decide where you want it located. Here we will give you more info on the best materials for your fire pit, how to be safe with it etc

Fuel: Wood, Propane, Natural Gas

Many people love the aroma and cracking sound of a fire and if you are one of them, then wood is the best fuel for you. But if on the other hand you love neatness on your porch, then consider natural gas or propane. Propane or gas firepits can be utilized on an open porch with roofs and you don’t have to worry about piles wood, smoke, ashes or debris.

Materials to be used for firepits

When selecting the perfect firepit, go for the long lasting and not likely to rust. Cast aluminium does not rust quickly.Another material to consider for your fire pit is steel being an alloy of carbon and iron. Steel was designed to increase strength so it will make a durable pit. Firepits made from ceramic and slate do not rust.

Maintenance Requirements of Firepits

Majority of firepits are constructed using steel which will be prone to rust at some point if proper maintenance and care is not done. The intense heat, moisture and air make it a good remedy for oxidation or rusting.

The best way to avoid rusting is covering your fire pit when you are not using to avoid water on it, clean it regularly from ash which can react with the metal and keep applying stove paint only once a year to look good and last longer.


Huge can be beautiful but may not fit according to your needs. Ensure the fire pit diameter can accommodate an average barbecue bowl which is mostly 40 × 40 cm although there are other bigger sizes. The thickness of a firebowl matters. The thicker it is, the more it will be able to endure the heat of fire.

Additional Features-Barbecue Grill

Firepits with no grill or cooking option are a missed opportunity. 2 in 1 fire pit is the best instead of having to buy separate appliances for barbecuing or cooking.


Don’t use fire pits if your porch is covered especially if you are using wood. Also never use when it is windy or near branches that are hanging low. Check in your area if you have laws pertaining to fire pits or outdoor wood-burning.

Permanent or Portable

Decide if you want a fire pit you can be moving around or a fixed one at your back yard. A portable fire pit should not be heavy.

Cost of Firepits

Most models are below $ 200, nice ones while others can be costly if they are made of expensive materials.

Features of Firepits

When you are buying a fire pit, make sure it has the following features:

Grill: It is advisable to get a fire pit with a grill so you don’t have to purchase it differently. This is because its grill is made to sit securely at a good distance from the fire when barbecuing or cooking.

Cover: A fire pit with thick cover will protect it from water when you are not using it.

Wheels: This will allow you do easy repositioning of your fire pit at your door space.

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