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Ninja Mega Kitchen System(bl771) with other Best Heavyduty Blenders

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Ninja Mega Kitchen System(bl771) is a top quality machine that performs almost everything required in the modern kitchen.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System(bl771)
Ninja Mega Kitchen System(bl771)- Blender with food processor attachment

 The many functions performed by the Ninja Mega Kitchen blender system range from crushing, blending, chopping, making the dough and also it can work best in the production of purees.

It has been made with the strict attention that adheres to its functionality and has been designed in a way that it can meet all its functions with ease

Main Features 

The system is designed with a high technology that allows it to meet its diverse and unique capabilities. 

The multifunctional blender is made with a precision that enables it to work in various ways including food processing, making smoothies, chopping vegetables and ice crushing all in one machine.

blender food processor combo

This mega-system has dough stainless steel blades for meeting your dough making needs, food processing blades for processing food.

It has blending blades for pulverizing, crushing ice and blending vegetables and whole fruits.

For such capabilities and operations to be conducted efficiently, it means that the device is just a breakthrough in the kitchen operations.

Ninja Mega Kitchen system (bl771) is electrically powered.  A total of 1500 watts motor and also a two horsepower mechanism makes it work faster and efficiently.

The high horsepower makes the machine work even with tougher ingredients in the kitchen as it gives it a higher pushing power.

The blending jar of this  kitchen system has a capacity of 72 oz(9 cups) and comes with an 8 cup bowl for food processing. 2 cups are also included when you buy this  system by Ninja and an extra bowl for food processing.

The blender food processor combo also comes with an instruction book to help you understand better its functionality and guide on how the machine works. 

To ensure that it meets customer satisfaction and assurance, the device comes with a one year warranty.

This is one of the best kitchen systems that one must consider acquiring and using it to ease all your kitchen operations.


There are many characteristics associated with the usage and application of the Ninja Mega Kitchen system for your daily kitchen chores.

A machine is a multi-functional tool that works in almost all the kitchen chores. It is also a powerful appliance that has an option for both low and great blending.

It is also important to note that this Mega Kitchen system by Ninja works faster due to the high speed of two horsepower blades. The device is also easy to clean. The instruction guide makes the tool easy to use.

This  Kitchen System is fitted with a high capacity blender pitcher with a lid, food processor bowls with their covers, smoothie cups, and excavator cups.

Disadvantages of the Ninja Mega Kitchen System

After doing our research, we found out that the Ninja Mega Kitchen System also has its weaknesses. One of the principal disadvantage noted is that the machine is quite expensive but worth your money.


It is important to note that the many functions that are performed by the machine make it ideal for the modern kitchen.

In fact, Ninja mega kitchen system plays almost all the essential needs in the kitchen making it the best kitchen equipment to consider acquiring and investing.

 It is simple to use, and one does not require any extra skills. If you are looking for a multi-functional kitchen system, Ninja Mega Kitchen System is all you need.

Heavyduty Blender-Best on the Market

Blender is one of the essential kitchen accessories in the modern world and their role in cooking is just despicable.

Unlike a Heavy duty blender, frequently using a simple blender for your kitchen needs puts it at risk of wearing off or having a short lifespan.

For instance, it is a common knowledge that simple blenders have a shorter lifespan when consistently used. 

It is therefore essential to consider your needs and the operations that you want to perform with your blender before considering buying one.

High quality and heavy duty blenders though expensive are designed to last longer, and they are specialized in processing and dealing with tough ingredients. Some of the best heavy duty blenders are discussed below:

1. Vitamix 5200 Variable Speed Countertop Blender

vitamix 5200-heavyduty blender

Vitamix 5200 is one of the most expensive heavyduty blenders in the market.

This blender is fitted with a speed variable control for adjusting desired speed. Has motor that is designed to give enough force to power through any tough ingredients.

The high energy also makes it ideal for all the kitchen work ranging from smoothies; protein shakes to soups and any frozen desserts.

Vitamix 5200 heavy blender also comes with a BPA 64 ounce blending container. Its aircraft grade stainless steel blades is capable of processing any tough ingredients.

This Vitamix heavy duty blender is easy to wash and has the capabilities to perform several other functions including blending, chopping, creaming, churning and grinding any other ingredients.

-This heavy-duty blender makes soup with its high friction blades.

2.Breville Blender-Breville BBL605 XL Hemisphere Control Blender

Breville Blender

Breville BBL605 XL is a professional blender that is suitable for breaking and dealing with tough ingredients.

It is well designed to ensure that it works well and with consistency.

Breville Hemisphere Control Blender contains a Hemisphere bowl which sucks and propels the components from the top into the rotating blade that sweeps all around the pan.

This ensures that all the ingredients in the bowl are thoroughly blended. 

-It is made from superior quality, BPA free, and Eastman Tritan copolyester.

This heavy blender uses 750 watts power with a 1.0 horsepower  motor fitted with an LCD timer located at speed settings

The rotating blades move with speed and faculty making it ideal for all the blending required. Breville BBL605 XL Hemisphere heavy-duty Blender is easy to clean and store as it has a rounded coil around the base for stability during storage.

3. Ninja Professional Blender Reviews-Ninja BL660

Ninja professional blender 1100 watt

-It is the most affordable heavy duty blender reviewed here, visit the link below to view the price.

Ninja BL660 Professional Blender is powered by 1000watts rotating powers to give it speed and strength during blending.

It is made with Total Crushing Technology, and this ensures that it crushes all things that it comes in contact faster and efficiently.

Ninja heavy duty blender comes with larger 72-ounce BPA pitcher.  One can buy other uncle single pitcher cups to help in making of beverages.

Ninja professional blender 1000 watts is very powerful, and it is made with the application of modern technology. It is comfortable to wash and clean, and it also comes with a one year warranty.

4. Warring Pro MX 1000R Professional HeavyDuty Blender

The 3.5 Horsepower of this heavy duty blender that is fitted to the machine makes it ideal to blast and grind even the most hardened ingredients in the kitchen.

Such include ice and any vegetable that is deemed tough and hard to break.

Warring heavy-duty Blender is used to make virtually almost anything ranging from desserts, smoothies, and frozen soups. It can also work best in frozen beverages.

This  Warring Pro blender is fitted with a 64-ounce polycarbonate pitcher.

The handle is also made to be slide free as it has no slide surface to ensure smooth gripping. The Warring Pro MX 1000R is an incredible heavy duty blender.

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