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Tips on how to Choose an Acoustic electric guitar under 500 to play at Home

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How to choose the top Acoustic electric guitar to play at Home

There is something so cool about owning a guitar. Not only does playing the guitar provide fun but can be used to serenade that special someone.

 However, Acoustic guitars are not cheap. It is a daunting task to get the best acoustic electric guitar under 500.

That is why I have done my best to find superior music instruments to not only save you time but also money and stress. Additionally, I am going to prove to you that to get a good acoustic guitar; you don’t have to spend a lot of money.

These musical instruments might be a good choice for people looking for; good sound quality, outstanding build quality, instruments that are easy to play and come with a padded gig bag.

How to choose the top Acoustic electric guitar to play at Home

You need a high quality guitar that will cater to your musical needs. Not knowing how to choose the best guitar can have terrible consequences. You will end up buying low quality guitar that is fragile.

Buyer’s remorse can be incredibly upsetting. Guitars manufacturers use a wide range of design elements, woods and hardware so there are many features to consider.

Make a smart purchase by observing the following;

Purpose and Budget

You need to know what you are going to use your guitar for. For example, if you are looking for a musical instrument to learn on, it is not a good idea to buy an expensive guitar yet. A well built one with a great sound will be ideal for you.

These are perfect guitars for both first time and experienced players.

If you are an experienced player with a band, you need an acoustic electric guitar with superior features. These hybrid guitars are manufactured with a built in preamplifier and pickup to be plugged into a sound system to produce the amazing sound.

Construction and Design

You need to understand how a guitar is designed and built in order to buy the one that can best meet your needs. The main parts of an acoustic electric guitar are the head with the tuners, the neck with the strings, the body and the bridge.

The acoustic electric guitar has additional of a pickup system inside the body. They also use a preamp which makes the sound stronger.

Body Styles

It is important that you choose a musical instrument that will produce the sound that you want.  It should have a body style that is comfortable for you to play whether you are standing or sitting.  The best acoustic electric guitar under 500 dollars has larger soundboard for deeper and louder sound.

Additionally, it has narrow waist to make you comfortable.

Nylon versus Steel strings

It is worth noting that nylon strings produce a softer tone. Guitars with nylon strings are used to play folk and classical music.  The common are steel strings that are used by country, rock and pop musicians.

Electric acoustic guitars that use steel strings produce brighter and louder sound.

Electric Acoustic guitar Tone woods

As you shop for this musical instrument, you will notice that many of them are made of different woods.  Common woods that make these guitars include cedar, cocobolo, ebony,koa, mahogany, maple, to name a few.

The choice of wood makes a huge difference in how the audio plays through. Therefore, it is important that you identify the sound you want from your guitar before buying one. I would recommend you get a guitar with strong wood for durability. Strong wood will keep the guitar from breaking when in transport.

Koa is a Hawaiian wood. It is mostly found on expensive electric acoustic a guitar due it is a rare wood. It is has a golden color and produces mid range tones.

Cedar is a soft wood found mostly on flamenco and classical guitars. It produces a bright tone.

Mahogany is a dense wood. It produces a strong sound and is suitable for blues or country music.

Acoustic electric guitar under $500 Brands

Acoustic electric guitars are the most popular music instruments for live performances. With a higher demand come different companies that manufacture them.  Choose a brand wisely.  Some of them produce cheap guitars which can be brittle.

Renowned acoustic electric guitar brands include Martin and Blueridge, Yamana, Seagull etc. Buy musical instruments from trusted brands so you don’t get ripped off.

What are the benefits of an electric acoustic guitar?

The best electric acoustic guitar under 500 is the most exciting instrument to play in the world. It is capable of rocking an entire stadium with enthusiasm.

With an electric acoustic guitar, you have adequate sound projection in large areas and allows for movement on live performances.

This type of guitar allows for sound options, it amplifies acoustic harmonic overtones and has the ability to plug in.

Versatility and Consistency

The top sounding acoustic electric guitar under 500 has the ability to amplify sound without the use of a microphone. This instrument has pickup system build inside it hence can be plugged directly into an amplifier.

A guitar built like this offers flexibility as you can move from one place to the other unlike when you are using a microphone. You also have consistent tonal output from your guitar which is ideal in live performances.

Aesthetic Appeal

I know this is one of the first things you will look when buying your first musical instruments. You will not be disappointed by the look of the best sounding acoustic electric guitar under 500 that I have reviewed here.

Some of them have beautiful artwork which is an important part of the music and image of the musician.  Artwork will make you feel that a lot of time was spent making sure the guitar looks good.

Also, they have great shape, finish and design. A good looking guitar with a great design will set the tone before the first strum.

 However, choose the size and shape that will suit your playing style and comfort.

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